A Simple Kind of Success

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Success is often defined as financial freedom or career advancement. We all want to provide for our families and have extra funds to enjoy life. Road trips, sky diving, skiing, or backpacking across Europe. Don’t get me wrong, these adventures sound amazing. I also want the security of knowing that all my bills are covered and that I could take a trip every month if I wanted to. But success for me is a little simpler.

For me, success means being satisfied with my overall life and having the time to constantly improve myself. Could I be any vaguer? Let me explain.

It’s a common theme for people to take for granted the things they hold dear in life. To always be chasing a better version of themselves. “Once I get that promotion, I will truly be successful,” or “once I lose those last 15 pounds, then I will be happy.” It sort of feels like we are always waiting for success or happiness. Like both are just around the corner if we could be patient and wait. My version of success is being happy and full during this waiting period. Of course, I have plans to improve myself. There are several languages I want to learn. Maybe pursue another degree if I wanted to. I also want to become a successful writer. These are all future definitions of success for me. But right now, while I’m on my way to being successful, I am also content with the present. I love those moments when I am by myself and I’ll think, “I’m not quite where I want to be right now, but my life, in general, is pretty great.” Truthfully, these moments of clarity are rare, and I’ve only experienced them a handful of times. But I think these moments are a true testament to my success. I can look forward to future endeavors, but I can also be thankful for what I have right now.

I hope that once I accomplish my goals for learning languages and becoming a writer, I will remain satisfied with my life. Rather than putting happiness on hold until I accomplished yet another goal.




Aspiring Writer and Entrepreneur. History enthusiast. Lover of books and learning.

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Meggan Barraza

Meggan Barraza

Aspiring Writer and Entrepreneur. History enthusiast. Lover of books and learning.

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