A Recipe for Positive Change in the New Year

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In these last hours of 2021, I, like most people, am thinking about the changes I will make in the coming year. I have come up with a simple recipe for bringing about positive changes in my life. This process will include a healthy dose of sleep, combined with an effective morning routine, and lastly, sprinkle in a passion for learning and growth.

Ingredient 1: Good Sleep

I have found that I work better in the morning. I am mentally clear and have a better time focusing. A splash of cold water with hot coffee and I am ready to go. My days must start early, at least by 6 am. I have experimented with waking up at 8 am or later, but I feel rushed and anxious throughout the day. I need time to go through my morning routine.

Ingredient 2: The Morning Routine

Taking the time to meditate and recite positive affirmations can work wonders. Starting the day with a fresh mind helps to find your center and purpose. Verbalizing positive affirmations helps with calming anxiety and, especially, imposter syndrome.

Anyone coming from the corporate world understands how easy it is to fall into a “no workout” routine. I’ll admit that my workout routine is very basic, all I do is a daily stretch and walk 30 minutes a day. I would argue that one does not necessarily have to kill themselves at the gym every day.

My morning routine will be geared towards readying my mind and body for the day. And with each day I will pursue the last ingredient that will bring about positive change, a passion for learning and growth.

Last Ingredient: Passion to Learn and Grow

My goal is to become a successful freelance copywriter with location and financial independence. My ideal clients are small Mom and Pop shops that provide everyday essentials. Clothing boutiques, independent grocery stores, and hardware stores. I would strive to help small businesses grow and strengthen local communities. Herein comes the age-old saying “if you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.” My recipe for positive change will include loving my work and contributing to my community.

This is no doubt a career change. I am scared and nervous about the work that is waiting for me. But I know I love learning. E-commerce, sales, and marketing are fields that I know very little about. These skills will definitely be a part of my freelance writing journey. With the new year, I will be throwing myself into learning as much as I can about growing small businesses. There is an excitement in learning something new and growing as a person. My “job” allowing me to dedicate my time to learning and improving my skills will be the ultimate happiness.

I have once heard that true love is like oatmeal. Oatmeal is not as exciting as other breakfast foods, but it’s warm and it nourishes you. My recipe to create positive change is like a warm bowl of oatmeal. On the outside it’s not exciting, in fact, it can appear boring. But this is a recipe that will sustain me.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Here’s to 2022!




Aspiring Writer and Entrepreneur. History enthusiast. Lover of books and learning.

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Meggan Barraza

Meggan Barraza

Aspiring Writer and Entrepreneur. History enthusiast. Lover of books and learning.

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